" I have been teaching golf for 14 years. The Gimmee is the best putting device I have ever used. My students start seeing their own faults immediately, which makes teaching easy. I have used this on several golfers and not ONE could admit to keeping their head still. I use this device myself before each tournament so that I can feel the proper setup. This device takes time to master, but you will definitely see an improvement with your putting after a few sessions with the Gimmee. I highly recommend this product to any serious golfer. You will not be disappointed !"  . . . . Troy Thorne, Golf Professional, Hobbs Hole G.C.,Tappahannock, VA.  (dated  12 Dec. '13)

The Gimmee Putting Trainer

The Gimmee eliminates the most destructive – and most common – fault in golf.
(It’s the only putting trainer on the market that does !) With The Gimmee you will develop – and practice – the same technique as used by Tiger Woods today and by Nick Faldo in his prime.

How The Gimmee Works

This clip will show you how to use each of the Gimmee’s features and how they will help you develop a putting technique that conforms to ALL of the universally accepted fundamentals of putting

Modesty prevents us from claiming that The Gimmee is the best putting trainer on the market, but . . if you find one with better independent reviews . . we'll send you a Gimmee for FREE

 It certainly impressed these guys – and they’ve been too long on tour to be easily impressed !

Bruce Fleisher is one of the most successful players in the history of the Champions Tour. First player to win back-to-back in his first two Seniors events. Player of the Year & Rookie of the Year,1999. Winner US Senior Open, 2001.

Fulton Allem, Champions Tour player and former Golf Channel host, has had a very successful international career, in which he accumulatedthirteen tour victories, including three on the PGA Tour.

Steve Pate represented the USA in the 1991 and 1999 Ryder Cups. He has eight tournament victories – including six PGA Tour wins – and more than seventy top-10 finishes.

Peter Senior, with thirty one international victories to his credit, crowned his illustrious career by becoming the oldest winner in the history of The Australian Open, which he won in December 2012.

And just how important is it to learn what The Gimmee teaches ? It’s crucial – if you ever want to putt well.  At least according to these golf legends:

Any movement of the head not only will take your stroke off the intended line , but also will prevent you stroking the ball the same way all the time” . . . from ‘Hit It Hard’

Probably the premier technical cause of missed putts – especially short putts – is head movement” . . . from his book ‘Golf My Way’

Good putters keep the body still during the stroke. Bad putters tend to sway toward the hole just before the ball is struck…. There is one point in common among virtually all good putters: they stand with their eyes directly over the ball. … Nearly all good putters keep the clubhead low to the ground on the backswing .” ….extract from ‘Positive Golf’

In an interview with the Sunday Times on the eve of the 2011 British Open, Tom Watson was asked what he believed to be the most prevalent piece of unsolicited advice one gets on the golf course ? “Keep your head down’, they tell you. What they need to tell you is to keep your head still. . . All of the great players kept their heads still.” “The thing is, you never know how much your head moves until you find a way of monitoring it “. (We found a way of monitoring – and correcting – it. Now, so have you ! It’s The Gimmee putting trainer)

Every good putter keeps the head absolutely still from start to finish. Every bad putter I know moves the head to some degree…If I move my head even a fraction, it’s almost impossible to keep my putting path stable and true. More than likely I’ll open my shoulders on the forward stroke, causing me to pull the putter across the ball….I practice keeping my head dead still until well after the ball is gone”….. Tiger Woods in his book ‘How I Play Golf

The first absolute ‘must’ is a stable body position. I guarantee that you will never see a golfer putt well with any kind of swaying or bobbing motion in his body….in the second play-off hole in the Masters ..I made a mistake many amateurs make ; as I stroked the putt, I instinctively moved my head forward to get a closer look. That tiny movement was enough to turn my shoulders, arms and the putter blade off line, pulling the putt left’.


We had some teaching pros check it out for you:

"Absolutely terrific"–Steve Smith, PGA Professional, Denmark.

"By far the best that I have seen" –Peter Pang, Sand River GC, Hong Kong

" This is really something. It's terrific "–John S. Stewart, PGA Pro, Valleywood Golf Club, Swanton, OH

"Everything you need to become a really good putter"–John Haines, Head Professional, Teton Pines, Hobe Sound

"Really excellent . . . the best I've seen "–Frank. C. Hedderich III , PGA Pro, Waynesboro Country Club, VA.

Addresses all of the key principles of the putting stroke–Allan Bowman, Dir. Of Golf, Cherry Valley CC, Skillman, NJ.

" A great, great training aid "–James B. Lane, PGA Pro, Winchester Country Club, MA.

So simple, it's brilliant–Roger Simpkins, Saucon Valley , Bethlehem, PA.

Superb ! Teaches all of the fundamentals.–Ken Martin, PGA Professional, Wellington, Fl.

And we’ve made a lot of golfers very happy !

"A new lease of life for my golf game." –J. Jennings, Orange County, N.Y.

"The Gimmee did wonders for my putting."–N. Smith, Maybrook, NY

"I use it 3 to 4 times a week. The results are really great !"–Ron Zuckerman, Minneapolis

"Absolutely transformed my putting." –Margaret Clifford, London

"Everyone who tries it thinks it's fantastic."–Mike Quick, Wales, U.K.

" Before I got one, I couldn't putt for nuts. Now putting is the strongest part of my game. "–Kay LaFoy, N.Y.

" Hard to believe something this simple to use could be so effective . "–A. Donnelly, Ireland

" Saves me at least a half dozen shots per round. " "–G. O'Brien, Birmingham, U.K.


For less than the cost of a single green fee, you can :

Transform 40% of your game. 

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